+ Value
+ Differentiation
+ Stickiness

GHL Merchants can now transform relationship with their customers and give them exactly what they want in terms of insurance coverage.

Benefit for Merchants

Why SenangSikit for Merchants?

Customer Confidence

Provide value added services to your customer by providing insurance and differentiate from your competitors

Monetize your Database

You will be entitled to service charge fees when you repair your client items in event of a claim

Fast Coverage

With SenangSikit, everything is within a click of a button. No Need Forms anymore!

Technology Made Easier

Senang Merchant Portal

Senang Mobile Friendly merchant portal provide GHL merchants with the tools to manage their day to day insurance operations with a few clicks!

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Manage Multiple Locations

Manage all your business location and the various sales team with a single portal. Truly senang sikit!

Digital Insuretech Platform

Manage claims, customer data, access permission, transaction cancellations and many more with the portal

Unlimited users under one account

The portal cater for all business sizes ranging from micro enterprise to major multinational companies

Access to Senang Portal with zero cost

Get access to award winning platform at no cost as part of being SenangSikit Merchant

Ready to protect your purchased items?

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